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Supertex has established a strong research and development department supported by a well-equipped, state-of-the-art rubber testing laboratory. Quality control testing is carried out at all stages, from raw materials to finished products.

We have facilities for simulated testing to evaluate product performance under working conditions. Our accelerated ageing and dynamic condition tests allow us to evaluate product life.

Highly experienced UNIDO nominees, qualified engineers and rubber technologists from renowned foreign institutes head this important department. They are supported by a technical team of experienced chemists and engineers. The development work is done under the guidance and feedback of our highly qualified and experienced team of textile engineers who are responsible for technical service and marketing. This department works mainly in the following important areas for the benefit of the textile spinning and texturing industry:

  1. Cots and Aprons offer improved yarn parameters.
  2. Minimizing lapping tendency and breakage.
  3. Development to minimize waste in the mill room.
  4. Innovations to reduce technical and maintenance difficulties in the mill.
  5. Higher polishing cycles for improved cots and aprons life while achieving optimum yarn properties.
  6. Development of crack-free products through engineering design and rubber technology.
  7. Methods to improve bonding techniques.
  8. Design and development with original equipment manufacturers.
  9. Testing of composite materials to achieve higher resilience and speeds in our products.
  10. Products for high-strength fibres such as glass, polyaramide, carbon, etc.
  11. Development with cost evaluation of products to pass on the benefits to our customers.

Supertex Lab is equipped with Rubber Testing machines of the latest designs as per German / ASTM / ISO Standards. Some of these are

  1. Rheometers
  2. Mooney Viscometer
  3. Tensile Testing Equipment
  4. Abrasion Testing Equipment
  5. Coefficient of Friction Tester
  6. Rebound Resilience Testing Equipment
  7. Demattia Flex Crack/Growth Testing Equipment
  8. Accelerated Aging Test Equipment
  9. Sp Gravity Testing Equipment
  10. Eccentricity Test Equipment
  11. Compression Test Equipment
  12. Hardness Testing Equipment
  13. RA value / Roughness Testing Equipment
  14. Static Electricity / Conductivity Testing Equipment
  15. Infra Red Moisture, Melting Point, Bulk density, pH meters etc.
Supertex Vernier Caliper

Jointless Aprons

Supertex aprons are technically superior to other local brands because they are not only endless aprons but truly jointless. At Supertex, we have invested time, effort and energy in perfecting the latest technology to produce aprons that not only have a jointless outer layer but also a seamless inner layer. This means that there are no problems with the inner layer separating the joints.

Secondly, our bottom aprons are designed to have a thicker inner layer. This increases the lifespan of our products and ensures that our customers receive unmatched quality and maximum benefit as the inner layer wears out over time.

Thirdly, the technology of jointless manufacturing of the inner layer gives us the ability to design and manufacture top aprons with thinner outer layers. Our aprons are much more resistant to ozone and bending fractures due to the reduced stress on the outer layer.

Supertex’s truly jointless aprons last longer than competitors’ aprons that have a seam in their inner layer.

We work tirelessly on this technology. Our goal is to provide our customers with the greatest possible value by reducing breakage and extending the life of our products all at the most competitive prices.

Multiply Cots *Patented

This department made history by successfully acquiring the first patent for our unique design of Cots. This has remained the SOLE PATENT in the Indian cot and apron industry till date. No other Indian company has been able to achieve this success in its more than six decades of history.

Needless to say, this patented design of Supertex has been highly appreciated and readily commercialized and marketed by western manufacturers.

For us at Supertex, it is a great satisfaction to know that the entire textile spinning industry has benefited from our patented cot design, as it offers better yarn parameters coupled with improved life cycles.


It is the search for innovation that drives us. The desire to constantly re-evaluate our products to develop better solutions.

These cots have a formulated soft rubber layer between the outer layer of synthetic rubber and the inner core.

This means that the results of the yarn do not deteriorate with age. The quality of the yarn is therefore consistent.

Construction Of Cots


The Conventional plain Cot,
which is bonded with
an adhesive.


The Aluminium and PVC Cot does not require an adhesive for attachment as it is pressed onto the roller. The rubber layer is perfectly bonded to the aluminium and PVC cot. The cot runs tension-free, resulting in better yarn quality.


This cot has an additional soft, specially formulated rubber layer between the outer layer and the aluminium shell.


Quality: SR 66

Shore hardness – 66°

Quality: SES 463

Shore hardness – 65°

Quality: RDS 68

Shore hardness – 68°