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Supertex was founded in 1996. It is part of the Pansari Group, which has been in the textile industry for 30 years. The Pansari Group was founded in the 1980s by Mr. Shyam Sunder Pansari, the Chairman of the company. He initially entered the market by manufacturing cationic dyes for garment dyeing. Today, the group has expanded into textile-related products such as fluorescent dyes and textile auxiliaries.

Supertex is the brainchild of Mr. Jugal Kishore Pansari, who recognized the urgent needs of textile spinners around the world and addressed their problems by developing innovative products and successfully manufacturing cots and aprons in India.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Pansari Group is driven by a common goal of making a positive impact on the industry. “We strive to constantly innovate and improve the quality of our product offerings while providing a seamless experience to our customers.”


Mr. Pansari has been involved in textile machinery and textile dyes and chemicals for 3 decades. He is the former president of the Indian Textile Accessories & Manufacturers Association (2019-2020) and a valued member of the Committee for the last 15 years. Mr. Pansari is an alumnus and former President of Shree Ram College, where he graduated with honors in B. Com and M. Com. He has also successfully received certification from the prestigious Institute of Costs and Work Accountants (ICWA).

Mr. Pansari has always followed methods of hypothesis-driven problem solving and his motto is “Challenges are positive as they help open new doors that may have never been discovered”. He adheres to the personal rule of positively impacting society, not only through social work but also through his business. He has built Supertex based on helping every member of the textile community.

Mr. Pansari is also the Managing Director of Yogesh Dyestuff, a company that manufactures cationic and fluorescent dyes. He is the former vice president of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Western Elite.

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100% Inspection of Finished Product

In-Process Quality Check

Production & Inspection:

We do not rest on our laurels, but our production and R&D department, led by highly skilled rubber technologists, is continuously working to produce very innovative and technologically advanced products to meet the client’s requirements for tomorrow.

Supertex factories are located in the industrial area of Vapi. It is managed by highly qualified engineers and technicians who constantly oversee every step. The emphasis is on teamwork and clear communication to create a perfect balance between the handling of raw materials, production of goods, quality control, and sales. The factories are equipped with the latest technology and machinery. The output of the highest quality is our top priority.

Raw Material Handling

Our raw materials department tests every raw material used in the manufacture of cots and aprons to ensure that the quality of our products is consistent. This gives us an edge over our competitors, as we never compromise on our raw materials. We source our raw materials from original manufacturers to ensure a consistent supply and excellent quality to ensure our customers receive only the best. We maintain a digitized inventory and follow a first-in-first-out system. This helps us create synergies between procurement and production. We look at the supply chain of our raw material suppliers and analyze their workflows so that we are always prepared to meet our customers’ demand.

5’s and Lean Management

Supertex 5’S

The 5’s are derived from 5 Japanese words which, if implemented correctly, contribute to lean management. Lean management helps to achieve sustainable quality, cost savings and, above all, hypothesis-driven innovation.

The 5’s are:
  • Seiri: To distinguish between necessary materials, components, and instructions and remove unnecessary materials.
  • Seiton: Arrange and label parts and tools neatly so they are easy to use.
  • Seiso: Carry out a tidying-up operation.
  • Seiketsu: Performing seiri, seiton and seiso daily to keep the workplace in perfect condition.
  • Shitsuke: Making a habit of always following the first four S’s.

At Supertex, we start each production step by allocating 1 minute for Seiri and then 5 minutes for Shitsuke. We keep charts of daily production and daily rejections. We have formulated our tag list. We constantly update our machines and follow their maintenance schedule and ensure that preventive maintenance is done thoroughly so that the quality of our products is never compromised. Records of maintenance are logged and reviewed every quarter. Each machine is monitored and its downtime is updated on a digitalized dashboard.

These steps help us formulate an action plan to avoid rejection. At Supertex, we constantly strive to reduce waste and make production sustainable.

The combination of these 5’s factors creates a very good working environment for our team and ensures their safety every step of the way.

Multiply Cots *Patented


It is search for innovations that motivates us. The desire to continually reassess our products, in order to develop still better solutions


These Cots have an additional soft, specially formulated soft cushion Rubber Layer, between the synthetic rubber Outer Layer & the Inner Core.

These Cots have an additional soft, specially formulated soft cushion Rubber Layer, between the synthetic rubber Outer Layer & the Inner Core.

This means yarn results do not deteriorate with age. The quality of yarn, therefore, is consistent.



SGN 65
Shore hardness – 65


COM  68
Shore hardness – 68

SR  66
Shore hardness – 66




The Conventional plain Cot,
which is bonded with
an adhesive.


The Aluminium & PVC Cot does not need adhesive for mounting,since they are press fit on the roller. The rubber layer is perfectly bonded
on Aluminum & PVC shell. The Cot runs stress free which results in better yarn quality


This Cot has an additional soft specially formulated rubber layer between the outer layer & the inner PVC or Aluminum shell.